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Over a three-year cycle, Canada’s largest theatre award celebrates a professional mid-
career director, playwright, or designer whose work is transformative and influential. The
finalists for the 2021 Siminovitch Prize for design are: Linda Brunelle (Montreal QC); Nancy Bryant (Vancouver, BC); Gillian Gallow (Toronto, ON); and Michelle Ramsay (Toronto, ON).

“Their work transcends the verbal: colour and composition, texture and silhouette, light and shadow. All of these mid-career designers are virtuosic in their ability to suggest whole imaginative worlds for characters to manifest and stories to unfold.

The artistic excellence of these four is unquestionable, yet as mid-career artists they continue to grow, stretch, and push themselves to explore new aspects of the craft. They operate at the leading edge of their practice, yet they embody innovation in art making in its truest sense, because their investigations go so deep. They approach their work and their collaborations in a perpetual state of inquiry, seeking new territory and forging unexpected encounters, within the material, the world we live in, and themselves.”

– Vanessa Porteous, 2021 Siminovitch Prize Jury Chair

The impassioned peer nominations from across the country demonstrate that the work of theatre artists, like those on this shortlist, lives on inside the imaginations of their audience and their communities, resonating with meaning, nourishing us and lifting us up, despite the continued artistic drought of the global pandemic.

Click here for additional information on the 2021 Siminovitch Prize finalists.

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