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This is a petition to save the historic building at 1117 Queen Street West (Canada Post building) and to keep the building publicly owned.

The building is currently owned by Canada Post (Federal Government), which has deemed it “surplus” and recently put the building up for sale.

The Canada Post office was closed in Fall 2020, without meaningful consultation with the community or meaningful public notice. There were no notices provided to local residents in the mail, and public notice at the building was reportedly present for a few days then removed. We ask for meaningful public consultation and for the sale to be halted until this happens.

Currently, 1117 Queen St. West is a listed heritage building with the City of Toronto; however, our understanding is that this would not prevent the building from being substantially altered and converted for private use (saving the façade only).

This petition aims to keep public land public, and to save the building from demolition or major renovation for private interests. The building belongs to the community and taxpayers.  At a time where Toronto is facing an affordability crisis, it is ever more important to put our resources to use for community benefit.

Sign the petition! 

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