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Posted by Firecracker Department

Igniting Social Justice: Part 1, supported by the Firecracker Department
October 5, 2021 – 12pm – 2pm ET
$25 – $100, scholarships available
Closed Captioning & ASL Interpretation Available
Led by artists and consultants, Sedina Fiati and Farah Merani with support from Jessica Nesis, this participatory workshop will review the basics of systems of oppression such as racism, ableism and transphobia and others, and delve into self directed learning and self care strategies.
Ideal for those who are looking to deepen their engagement with social justice and those who would like a refresher on key concepts. We hope to ignite or re-ignite attendees’ dedication to self directed learning!
Image description: Words read Firecracker Department in red lettering, Social Justice Department presents Igniting Social Justice Part 1 in white lettering. A person wearing a hat and mask holds a sign that reads with privilege comes responsibility.
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