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Posted by Soulpepper Theatre Company

Deadline: November 15, 2021, 1 p.m. ET

Soulpepper is currently accepting applications for the Recommender Grants for Theatre Creators (RGTC) program, funded by the Ontario Arts Council. This program supports playwrights and creation collectives in the development of new Canadian work.

Soulpepper seeks ambitious works that speak to the diversity of modern-day Canada, and to diverse artists and audiences, written by emerging or mid-career playwrights.

Our priorities include:

  • Projects that aim to share vital stories that resonate with our community, city, and province from unique, diverse, perspectives;
  • Works that capitalize on Soulpepper’s unique ability to embrace and support projects with an ambitious sense of scale, including larger ensemble works;
  • Works from a non-Western perspective that look to strengthen and broaden the Canadian theatrical ‘canon.’ This may include having works adapted or translated from cultures that are currently under-represented.

Questions for Soulpepper can be directed to Kimberly Colburn, Senior Producer, New Work Development at

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