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Spring Voice & Text with 

Designated Linklater Voice Teacher 

Sarah Weatherwax

March 20 to May 29, 2024.

Wednesdays, 1 to 4PM ET.

Free your voice. Free your talent. Free yourself.

Although this class is well suited to those with previous experience of Linklater Voice Work, it is also a very approachable introduction to this world-renowned method for those with little or no voice training.

Non-performers are welcome! Relaxed, professional environment 🙂

10 consecutive Wednesday afternoons from 1PM to 4PM ET. Online, live participation class by way of Zoom.

The structure of this highly successful class is simple. There is enough time in ten weeks to teach – with some integrity – a practice-able approach to each section of the work – from spinal alignment, breath awareness, open sound & humming all the way through to jaw, tongue, soft, palate, breath capacity & resonators. And by working on a well-written piece of text from a play or film, participants start to understand the direct effect of a freer voice on acting.

There is time to work with people individually and time is allowed for the organic, spontaneous ebb & flow of a class in the performing arts. Every moment is a collaborative, creative act. 

A free voice encourages inner relaxation and outer activation of the body’s musculature simultaneously. And that state of being leads to an open readiness for acting, making real listening and emotional accessibility easier, instinctive responses quicker and physical and vocal transformation more believable.

Composers, writers and other creatives find their work flows with ease and efficiency after a voice warm-up. Non-artists find improvements with meeting management, public speaking & interview skills. Confidence, ease and variety in the speaking voice are beneficial to anyone and everyone for reasons too numerous to list.

V&T has had a great impact on my voice. Sarah’s guidance through Zoom is amazing and although she is not in the same room with you, she sees and hears everything and her feedback is spot-on. The rich pallet of the exercises is built around a clear structure that Sarah encourages you to understand. So at the end of the course you have tools to work independently on your voice as an actor.” Ksenia Marasanova, Actor & Singer


Dates & Times: 10 Consecutive Wednesdays from 1 to 4PM ET, March 20 to May 29, 2024.  All classes are online, live participation by way of zoom. (Please discuss with Sarah if you are interested but have one or two conflicts. Accommodations may be made, in that case, for participants to participate in the missed classes by way of recordings.)

Registration: E-mail Sarah a brief note of interest and mention applicable discounts. Actors, send resumes. Please pay after Sarah has responded to your email.

Payments: Payments accepted at by E-transfer from Canadian clients and by PayPal from international clients. Price includes tax & PayPal fees.

Deadline: Please register & pay by March 13. Enrolment is limited. **Inquiries are welcome until class start date, pending availability.**

Class Price: Canadians, $450 CAD by E-transfer. International, $455 CAD by PayPal.

*Discount Price, ACTRA/CAEA/Straeon/Repeat V & T students: Canadians, $425 CAD by E-transfer. International, $430 CAD by PayPal. *Proof of current union/Straeon membership expected before discounts applied. Discounts will also be honoured for members of international Actors’ Unions. Only one discount offer applies.*

Brief Bio: Sarah has taught voice for the actor for 20 years, working at numerous studios & schools including Humber College, Brock University, Shakespeare & Company in Massachusetts, Straeon Acting Studios in Toronto, Montreal & Boston and Meisner Academie in the Netherlands. She has extensive experience as a theatre and voice actor. She also teaches workplace communication skills. And writes short stories.

Sarah Weatherwax – Member CAEA, ACTRA, VASTA, NVA

E-mail any questions or to request a free consult.

See website for details, full bio:

Sarah’s Voice and Text class is transformational. Throughout the class, I was able to find a deep sense of connection to my body and voice working with the Linklater technique. From there, the exploration of text is exciting and new; I found interesting depth over and over again.” – Alexa Houle, Actor/Artist/Filmmaker

Experience the joy and the power of knowing you can express anything and everything through the vibrations of your voice.

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