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Posted by The Street Fighter Collective

My name is Bryce Volrath, and I am the Co-Artistic Creator for The Street Fighter Collective (SFC).  We are looking to hire a Stage Manager for our Summer production of Erika:  Fringe Edition.  The play centers around a First Nation’s woman who receives a piece of paper that requires her signature.  Whether she signs or not – there are far reaching consequences.  We are looking to fill the following position:

Stage Manager

The Stage Manager will act as the intermediary between the actors and the director.  They will be in charge of scheduling rehearsals, managing the script during rehearsals, as well as calling the show during its run (i.e. Calling Light/Sound queues in the booth).  All communication between the actors and director will first be met by the Stage Manager.


They are required at all rehearsals (beginning in June) and all show dates July 6-17.  Once a Stage Manager is found, rehearsals will be set-up, so their availability should correlate with these dates and times. 


There will be a one time payment of $100 and then a profit share model where once the show makes back what it spends the proceeds will be evenly split between five people (5 actors and 1 stage manager).  This will all be laid out in a contract to be signed by the Stage Manager once they are in the project.  

Those interested in becoming Stage Manager for this production should send a resume and email to

If selected, a brief interview will be conducted and if selected from that process – next steps will include signing a contract outlining the Honorarium/profit share.

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