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About the Project:

Knowledgehook is hosting a series of Professional Development workshops for Math Professionals throughout the upcoming academic year. The goal of these workshops is to discuss the content of the corresponding research article that was written by a team of math professionals. In the workshop the Leadership Development Associate (Actor/Workshop Facilitator) will lead the client through a pre-written script that will include playing video content, asking questions and facilitating discussion between the client and the Math Consultant in the workshop.

Remuneration: $35/hour

What you’ll be doing:

We are seeking a Director to help rehearse a professional development workshop & provide bi-monthly auditing to performance. This person will lead the actor (Leadership Development Associate) through the text, working on rhythm and pronunciation during the Associate’s presentation. They will also work with the Associate to modify wording as needed and to clarify intent. The Director will also work with the Associate to ensure pacing of the workshop is steady and that any improvisational moments are rehearsed and the Associate feels comfortable with the content. Part of the process is role playing with the Associate to help foster the environment of the workshop. The rehearsal process is moderated with the help of a Production Coordinator/Stage Manager who can help assist the Director in any ways they require.

The ideal candidate has at least 3-5 years theatrical or film directing experience and is comfortable leading the Associate through text based exercises to achieve the goals of the workshop. Experience/training in voice and text work will be considered a plus. 

This is a contracted position and the hours are flexible to accommodate other commitments. 

For further information, please send an Email to  For more information about Knowledgheook, please visit us at

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