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Posted by MANO-RAMO

MANO is excited to announce the appointment of Elida Schogt as the Executive Director of MANO effective May 12, 2022. Elida brings extensive experience in the media arts and broader arts sector to the role supporting MANO’s continued advocacy, projects, and member support. Working with Membership and Communications Coordinator Adriana Rosselli Londoño, Elida will help shape the upcoming Through the Storm gathering, MAP-TN project, and other initiatives. 

With over 20 years rooted in the media arts sector as filmmaker, teacher, administrator and consultant, Elida brings considerable expertise in mentorship, advocacy, and leadership. Her long-standing commitment to media arts, along with her robust network, makes her well suited to work with MANO’s members across Ontario, and to build ties in the broader community, to address the challenges faced by the sector.

Elida’s leadership style is non-hierarchical and collaborative. She has built her understanding of anti-oppression and equity frameworks through her doctoral research (PhD, Visual Arts, York University) grounded in feminism and intersectionality. She is actively working to extend this sensibility and sensitivity beyond my blind spots.

We would like to thank outgoing Executive Director, Ben Donoghue for his contribution to MANO and the sector, both as a MANO board member from 2009-2012 and as ED since 2013. He will be pursuing his art practice full-time and is currently in production and research phases on his next films.

You can contact Elida at or 647-951-4810 Ext. 102.

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