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Ontario Presents (OP) is seeking a qualified candidate to fill the position of Administrative Director, created as a result of OP’s ongoing, three-year, succession planning process. The individual selected for this position will work closely with OP’s Program Director and jointly co-lead Ontario Presents and its performing arts presenting networks into an uncertain but exciting future.

We encourage applications by Friday, March 5th, 2021, with an expected position start date of July 1st, 2021.

For full details, please read the Applicant Information Package and Application Form.

Administrative Director – Job Description
The Administrative Director plays a strategic role, responsible for ensuring that there is
coherence across all of the organization’s activity. Working in close partnership with the
Program Director, the Director will provide leadership in the areas of business and
organizational planning, financial management, membership relations, and revenue
The Administrative Director leads a small staff team and supports the Board of Directors to
successfully fulfill their governance and fiduciary responsibilities.
Leadership, Strategy and Planning
• Develop and implement Ontario Presents’ organizational strategy jointly with the
Program Director, and in collaboration with Staff Team and Board, to deliver the
organization’s programmatic vision.
• Jointly with the Program Director, create and deliver a healthy and sustainable business
• Create a positive working culture and support the staff team to ensure timely financial
information, effective communications, member and network support and any other
programs or activities.
• Ensure that Ontario Presents has the appropriate staff structure to deliver its programs
and services in a healthy, effective and sustainable way.
• Lead through example and reinforce a culture of engagement, high-performance,
continuous improvement, free from harassment and fear of judgement.
Finance and Governance
• Enable Board of Directors to successfully fulfill their governance and fiduciary
responsibility by providing accurate, timely, comprehensive, and insightful operational,
financial and business risk information.
• Positively contributes to a constructive relationship with and between Program Director,
Administrative Director and Board Chair. A genuine relationship that is respectful, open
to challenge and healthy debate resulting in shared commitment, mutual understanding
and accountability for follow-through that achieves desired results for the ongoing
success of Ontario Presents.
• Jointly with Program Director, create annual balanced budgets as part of the business
plan for approval by the Board.
• Monitor and analyze Ontario Presents’ budgets to ensure the financial resources are
properly managed and effectively allocated.
• Prepare monthly financial updates and quarterly year-end projections to the Finance
Committee, report to all regulatory and funding bodies as required and oversee
preparation of the annual audit.
• Report to the Board and ensure reports from other staff are provided as necessary,
including management reports, budgets and other financial information.
• Take overall responsibility for financial management in all areas of Ontario Presents’
activity, working closely with Program Director, staff team and Finance Manager
• Ensure compliance with all relevant legislation as employer, and non-profit organization.
Partnership Development
• Develop collaborative partnerships with other service or performing arts organizations
with whom Ontario Presents might grow its influence and programmatic vision.
• Develop and maintain good working relationships with partners to ensure that Ontario
Presents is part of wider activities and debates that contribute to a healthy and
respectful presenting ecology within Ontario and Canada.
• Seek out interesting and like-minded partner organizations throughout Ontario to create
shared activities which strengthen Ontario Presents’ vision and values.
Revenue Development
• Prepare all government grant applications in collaboration with Program Director and
staff team.
• Research and write grants to take advantage of all development opportunities.
• Ensure all federal, provincial and any other grants, interim and final reports are
submitted on time.
Shared Responsibilities with All Staff
• Adhere and actively contribute to all policies and procedures including Equity, Diversity
and Inclusion, health and safety, accessibility, environmental and sustainability.
• Additional tasks as required, in line with the overall purpose of the role.
Candidate Profile – Skills/competencies and Personal Attributes
• Experience and knowledge of a financial management system including online
accounting systems, and the ability to analyze financial reports to be able to
provide Board and staff an accurate account of Ontario Presents’ financial
situation and condition at any given time.
• Experience in a leadership role that demonstrates a flexible and pragmatic
approach, with the ability to innovate and think creatively.
• Proven ability to establish strong working relationships – preferably with arts
organizations, community presenters, artists.
• Experience in business and strategic planning.
• Ability to lead and inspire a team, manage staff and work closely with a board of
directors in an environment free from harassment or bullying.
• Ability to represent an organization to its members, supporters and funders.
• Experience in public fundraising – government grants for arts organizations.
• Expansive knowledge of the performing arts – knowledge of non-Western art
forms an asset.
• Commitment to equality of access and opportunity, cultivating an inclusive and
representative organization and sector
• Commitment to sustainability and in supporting Ontario Presents as an
environmentally responsible organization.
• Excellent written, communication and presentation skills.
• Experience of working at a senior level in a performing arts organization.

Salary Range: $65,000 - $75,000

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