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Volunteer Position

Audio Visual Designer or Projectionist Designer
This is for the play at the Alumnae Theatre called "Heidi Chronicles"

This is an increasing popular position in theatre and in my experience it is usually someone who has come up thru Set Design or Technology.
Essentially this person would work with the Director, and design slides and video clips.
You will be involved in both the technical and design elements of the set and work closely with the other designers including Set and Lights. You will need to attend a couple rehearsals, a couple of meetings and of course the Tech Dress rehearsals as required.

This is a Volunteer position - as are all positions at Alumnae Theatre.

During its 100 ++ years of continuous production, the Alumnae Theatre has retained its original focus – to produce unusual plays of the past and present not readily seen elsewhere.
If you or anyone is interested in learning more about this position – please contact

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