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Founded in 1931, the Vancouver Art Gallery (Gallery) is the largest public art museum in Western Canada and is recognized as one of North America’s most respected and innovative visual arts institutions.

The Gallery’s innovative exhibitions, extensive public programs, and emphasis on advancing scholarship focus on historical and contemporary art from British Columbia and around the world.

Beginning in 1941, the Gallery has celebrated the achievements of indigenous artists. Its exhibitions have contributed significantly to the development of indigenous art history and discourse, extending the artists’ reach geographically and into the future. The Institute of Asian Art was inaugurated in 2014 to recognize the extraordinary artistic achievements of artists with links to Asian countries, especially China, Japan, Korea, and India. In addition, the Gallery’s acclaimed Canadian and international contemporary program showcases works of renowned artists such as Jeff Wall, Stan Douglas, Liz Magor, Andreas Gursky, Bharti Kher, Takashi Murakami, and Rodney Graham.

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