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We are looking for a Dramaturg, a Set Designer/Scenographer, and a Sound Designer to collaborate on a workshop process of a new play by an emerging NYC playwright.

The play, called "The Love Suicides of New Haven", explores the dangerous beauty of suicide as an aesthetic idea. It is in formal conversation with the sewamono "The Love Suicides at Sonezaki", a seminal piece of Bunraku. It is a lush, complicated, and challenging text. We have assembled an amazing team of performers to pull it off, and now need design minds to help us achieve the heady mix of poetry and realism the play demands. We also need a dramaturg to help us track the twists of the play.

The process will take place Nov 24- Dec 11, culminating in a couple of workshop performances with design.

If you are interested please email

JP Faienza is a young theatre artist based in Toronto. He spent a couple of years making crazy performance experiments in NYC after earning a degree in theatre from NYU. His latest project in participation and aggresive aesthetics, "This Play Wins", was presented at the 2015 SummerWorks festival.

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