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Deadline: March 26 at 5:00 pm  

Duration of Contract: 52 Weeks
Start Date: April 5, 2021 
Salary: $40,000/year

The Centre for Indigenous Theatre exists to provide theatrical training informed by  traditional artistic expression, teaching and values, while creating an environment that  encourages cultural exchange of practices and techniques between Indigenous Nations and communities.  

The Centre for Indigenous Theatre embraces the spirit, energy and inspiration derived  from the culture, values and traditions of Indigenous people. From these roots, we  seek to elaborate a contemporary Indigenous performance culture through training  and professional development opportunities for emerging and established Indigenous  theatre artists. 


Are you ready to jump on board with the exciting Creative Initiatives Strategist position?  CIT is seeking someone, such as yourself, who will become a valuable team member  for the organization’s preparation of the 2021/2022 school year as well as assist with  running the fiscal year’s programming. 

The successful candidate will be responsible for national and GTA specific outreach  which will allow the organization to explore its reach and build new partnerships while  enhancing current ones. The candidate will also be working closely with CIT's  Managing & Artistic Directors, Office Manager, Creative Outreach Associate, and Health  and Safety & Office Assistant. The successful candidate will: 

Build Personal and Organizational Capacity in the area of Outreach and Arts  Administration 

● Coordinate activities associated with the project administration 

● Coordinate and promote programming related Visiting Artist lectures/workshops  and provide support to special workshops 

● Project coordination for Visiting Artist and special workshops 

● Work with community partners to engage youth participants 

● Train online 

● Work with CIT’s Artistic Director to coordinate production of shows, workshops  and events 

● Develop project plans and outcomes and discuss and follow up with Managing  Director 

● Foster and facilitate project outcomes 

● Collaboration and partnership building with Indigenous communities  ● Create strong communication links between all parties involved in the project ● Develop networks and connections within the Indigenous performing arts  community and non-profit sector

● Work directly with other social service and arts organizations in Toronto and  nationally, to develop partnerships 

● Organize tours of essential Indigenous service organizations in the city ● Participate in job-shadowing to gain insight in overall operations ● Participate in grant writing for programming and project continuity and  sustainability 

● Participate in project financial management and funding reporting Required Skills & Experience: 

• Experience in project coordination, development and delivery an asset • Exhibits a knowledge and keenness for digital technology 

• Understanding of Indigenous practices and knowledge base 

• Ability and desire to work with Indigenous youth in a culturally sensitive manner • Strong problem solving skills 

• Strong written and verbal communication skills 

• Strong organizational and coordination skills 

• Familiarity with Microsoft Office Suite & Google Suite including email • 18 & older and/or Post Secondary graduate 

• Understanding of Indigenous Arts Community an asset 

• Must be registered with Miziwe Biik Aboriginal Employment and Training 

Email your cover letter and resume to: No telephone calls please. 

Applicants must be registered with Miziwe Biik Aboriginal Employment and  Training. Applicants must also be returning to their post-secondary institutions. Deadline: March 26 at 5:00 pm  The Centre for Indigenous Theatre wishes to acknowledge that this position has  been made possible through funding provided by Miziwe Biik and Service  Canada.

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