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Letters to the Universe is a magical, multidimensional theatre piece created by Shaunga Tagore which will be a part of the Buddies in Bad Times Pride Program.

This is a story of Shaunga, and her alter ego Scorpio Rising's journey of growth and self-discovery as she learns about madness, magic, survival, healing, home, community, friendship, self-love and connection with the universe. Throughout her story she meets spirit guides, ancestors, invisible friends who come to life and a community of superqueeros who ban together to bring forth the QTBIPOCalypse.

We are looking for ensemble members to perform in a dance video which will be a part of the show, as well as looking for ensemble members to dance onstage. You can choose to be a part of the video, or the performance, or both. Note that the dance video contains elements of burlesque and removal of clothing - however, we'll work out in rehearsals your relationship to the story, your body, and different items of clothing and props; you will not be required to show your body/nudity in ways you are not comfortable with.

We need energetic, arts loving, reliable performers to perform and we are open to people of all skill levels, abilities, and gender identities. Priority will be given to QTBIPOC* folks and self-identified survivors of systemic and/or interpersonal violence. We aim to create a fun, affirming, focused space that is inclusive of the QTBIPOC community spectrum. Small honouraria will be provided.

*QTBIPOC = Queer, Trans, Black, Indigenous, People of Colour
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