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We are looking for collaborators to help us imagine, detail and manifest Costumes and a very cheap, simple, portable Set for a new work.

The Shaker Secessionists (in their first outing in Toronto) are putting on a show about the value of art in society and the limitations that artists place upon themselves in regards to this value. The work is called THIS PLAY WINS, and features 5 performer/creators. We've been working on it for 3 months. Part of it is based very loosely on Aristophanes' comedy Clouds. Part of it is autobiographical. Part of it is entirely impulsive. The piece's main conceit is that the audience will be voting upon the work live in the room - what do they find a positive experience? A negative one? Which scene was worth more? Which performer do they like best? etc.....

It's devised, it's experimental, it's a really good time.

The show is taking place the first week of March (soon!) at Geary Lane. The designs will be very simple by necessity and should take no more than a couple days to source and build.

We can offer an appreciation stipend of $75.

If you are interested in working with some really smart artists to make some interesting things happen, email

JP Faienza is young theatre worker living in Toronto. He performs as a director, writer, producer, technician, and critic. He just spent five years in
NYC studying and crafting experimental performance. He calls his crew of art thinkers The Shaker Secessionists. In NYC, the Shakers put on
several successful showcases of original performance titled “Gradual Rumblings”, as well as a workshop of a piece called “Anarcadia”, about
Pastoralism and Anarchy. Together with his partner Teri and playwright Jessica Almasy, he devised a radical adaptation of Romeo + Juliet that
took place in a White Castle, titled “Le Balcon”. He has worked for The Wooster Group and The Public Theater, and has been involved in countless experimental productions of his peers. He worked as an artistic fellow of Glasshouse Gallery in Williamsburg, developing post-modern dance. His work has been seen on small stages across Brooklyn and Manhattan, including Dixon Place, The Bushwick Starr, The New Ohio,
Walkerspace and Jack. BFA, NYU.

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