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Board Position

Director of Marketing (Board Position)
The Director of Marketing coordinates the promotions of productions and events held by the Alumnae Theatre Company to members of the media and public. She actively works to increase the awareness of the public about the Alumnae Theatre Company.

The Director of Marketing supervises the activities of the Publicist and the Marketing Team.

1. Engages, internally or externally, a Publicist to handle media contacts and press release.
2. Arranges for the design, printing and distribution of promotional materials for the Alumnae Theatre Company and its individual shows and events, such a season brochures, flyers, posters, bookmarks, post cards, window displays, programs, etc.
3. Establishes contact with the Producer and Director of a production or festival, as soon as possible.
4. Obtains names (with correct spelling) of all cast, design team, Producer and crew for use on posters, bookmarks and press releases.
5. In meetings with cast and production staff, establishes one person to act as liaison between publicity and the productions – this is usually the Producer or designate.
6. Ensures that all cast and crew understand that publicity and promotion is a priority and that all must participate.
7. Determines the target audience of a particular production and markets group sales.
8. Brainstorms and carries out any unique promotional activities associate with an individual production.
9. In consultation with the Publicist, organizes the creation of press kits
10. Selects advertising venues, and places ads for Productions while consulting with media sales reps to ensure proper handling of placements
11. Confirms that ads have been printed correctly
12. Becomes involved in promotional events happening in the Toronto area and informs the Board of Directors of opportunities to participate in theatre and arts events.

Of course this is a Volunteer position - as are all positions at Alumnae Theatre

If you or anyone is interested in learning more about this position – please contact Simone Goldberg @

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