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Flat-rate honorarium

Ismailova Theatre of Dance is looking for a dramaturge/acting coach for an upcoming full-length production based on Mikhail Bulgakov’s novel “Master and Margarita” on July 21, 28 (one more date to be added) in Toronto.


  • Meeting with the artistic director to discuss the show structure: TBC
  • Orientation rehearsals/auditions for the cast - May 13th 2019, Monday, 10 am - 3 pm.
  • Casting rehearsal: June 10, Monday, 10-3 pm
  • Rehearsals: 3 weeks, June 18 - July 1, July 15 - 19, Monday to Friday 10-3 pm OR 11-4pm.
  • Production meetings: 2 meetings throughout the project
  • Shows: 3 full show days on July 21, 28 and one more day to be added between the above mentioned dates. All rehearsals at Dufferin and Finch, North York.
  • Shows in Distillery District and possibly Fairview Library Theatre.

We are looking for a dramaturge/acting coach with experience in directing with a focus on dance, movement, physical theatre.

The dramaturge/acting coach will need to:
1. facilitate ensemble creation of some scenes by the cast, introduce improvisation exercises
help integrate text into choreography material (text is usually minimal)
2. facilitate group exercises that will help hone acting skills of the cast and, most importantly, create sense of a team, a safe space for cast members to experiment and co-create
3. watch prepared choreography material and provide feedback to performers on ways to infuse choreography with emotion, motivation
4. discuss the whole structure of the show with the choreographer before the start of the project, throughout the project and tie the created sections together to form a solid piece
5. be comfortable working with a diverse team of artists: cast members come from dance background, theatre background as well as various cultural backgrounds.

The dramaturge will be compensated with a flat-rate honorarium.

The company has a certain aesthetics and format, please visit company's web-site to familiarize yourself with our work.

Apply by email describing your experience with physical theatre, dance, movement and why you are interested in in what we do. You are welcome to submit examples of your work if available, resume, artistic bio and contact information. Email: ismtheatreofdance (at) gmail (dot) com

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