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Dance Collection Danse Seeking a General Manager

Dance Collection Danse preserves the history of Canadian dance in all formats and media and from all theatrical dance forms. We maintain this heritage, encourage its use, and nurture broad public attention by increasing awareness and knowledge of dance in Canada. We do this through acquiring and preserving organizational and individual collections; distributing information about Canadian dance (both historical and contemporary) through our magazine, articles and books, catalogues, online and live exhibits, and through facilitating research and education about the art form. DCD offers workshops, film series, public lectures, learning programs for schools, as well as maintaining an active website with news, views, interviews, and conversations about the past and present-day dance arts. We maintain an online store of dance books and DVDs, and our downtown Toronto headquarters hosts a research centre and public gallery along with offices and an archives space.


Job Description

General Manager

Full-time, salaried position

The GM will be responsible for the financial, administrative and marketing operations of the organization to sustain an effective and efficient working situation. The GM will actively engage with potential partnering organizations and funders.

The General Manager will report to the Co-founder/Director and will work in collaboration with the Director of Collections and Research, Development Co-ordinator and the Board of Directors.

Strategic Planning is a major part of this position, working in co-operation with consultants, key staff and board towards a future plan in regard to a new location for DCD.

The successful candidate will have a demonstrated track record of leadership in the arts community in a GM role or a similar position. Excellent verbal and written communication skills are key.
Key Responsibilities of the Position:
Organizational Leadership:
Ensures that the organization’s administration is  appropriate to the vision and strategic direction of DCD.

Revenue Development:
• Prepares the financial and administrative aspects of all government grant applications in collaboration with key staff.
• Excels in finding grant opportunities and in grant writing to take advantage of funding prospects.
• Provides support to the Development Co-ordinator regarding strategic fundraising plans, fundraising campaign development, special events and targeted fundraising requests.

Financial Management:
• The General Manager creates annual budgets for presentation to the board in collaboration with key staff.
• Monitors and analyses the organization’s budgets to ensure the financial resources are properly managed and effectively allocated.
• Prepares financial updates in advance of board meetings for distribution to the board, and provides year-end projections to the board. Provides multi-year grant proposals to board for review in advance of submission. Reports to all regulatory and funding bodies as required and oversees preparation for the annual audit.

Ensures all federal, provincial, municipal, foundation, and any other grants and interim and final reports are submitted on time.

Planning and Administration:
• Develops strategic plans that support the advancement of the mission of the organization in light of potential relocation, and obtains input and approval for those plans by the board and key staff.
•Hires and supervises part-time, freelance and full-time staff in co-operation with Co-founder/Director and Director of Collections and Research.
•Deals with organization’s insurer re annual policy; and City of Toronto and landlord in regard to Property tax rebates
•Negotiates and writes staff and freelance personnel contracts in co-operation with other key staff
•And handles other such administrative duties as may arise

Marketing and Publicity:
• Manages Marketing and Publicity in all areas related to the promotion of the organization in co-operation with key staff

• Enables Board of Directors to successfully fulfill their governance and fiduciary responsibility by providing accurate, timely, comprehensive and insightful operational, financial and business risk information.

Contributes to and encourages positive relationships among board, key staff and other stakeholders through mutual understanding and accountability for follow-through that accomplishes desired results.


• Evidence of extensive experience in the arts and/or heritage sectors through direct experience/employment in these sectors.
• Minimum of 10 years management leadership experience in a non-profit arts organization.
• Evidence of entrepreneurial success in building/sustaining an arts organization of similar scale and scope.
• Experience in public and private fundraising.

Skills/competencies and Personal Attributes:
• Shows attributes likely to develop a rich, collaborative partnership with key staff and the organization’s stakeholders
• Possesses strong financial management skills and business expertise.
• Has the experience or the skills and traits necessary to lead and play an active revenue development role in arts funding.
• Has the leadership skills to work effectively with the board of directors.
• Is transparent, collaborative, and confident in leadership style.
• Possesses self-knowledge through understanding of his/her impact on others and ability to adjust methods to fit the situation; capability to understand people, and to consider their viewpoints when making decisions.
• Shows proficiency in public relations and marketing communications.

Additional Info:
Working Conditions:
Like most arts organizations, the workday is not limited to a 9-5 schedule. During busy periods there may be a need to be available in light of heavier schedules.

Start Date:
DCD intends to make a decision end of August of 2016 and aims to start the job as soon as possible thereafter.

How to Apply:
Interested candidates are encouraged to email a resumé and a one-page cover letter describing why the position is of interest and in what ways she/he is qualified.
Deadline: July 25, 2016

Please email to:
Name: Miriam Adams
Telephone: 416 365-3233
Fax: 416 365-3169
Only those selected for interview will receive acknowledgement of their application.

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