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emerGENce Theatre is looking for a Stage Manager for a production that runs June 21st to July 1st in Kingston, Ontario, as part of their Fringe Festival.

Our original Stage Manager had to drop out so rehearsals have already begun and will continue to take place in Toronto. Payment is profit share, and transportation and living accommodations will be provided during the week of the show. To be considered please send a resume and brief introduction (just a little blurb about yourself) to

Selected candidates will be contacted with further instructions.

Both equity and non-equity members are welcome to apply.

To be considered please submit before 10pm on Tuesday, May 16th.

Synopsis of Show:
Vick is a recovering sex addict on a road to recovery. Along the way she befriends Darcy, a rehabilitation worker. Things seem to be going well for her until she accidentally meets Darcy’s volatile sex-obsessed older brother. What follows is a spiraling chain of events that threatens her new life and the lives of everyone around her. Turtleneck is a dark comedy about sex addiction, pornography, gender roles and the exploration of human limitations.

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