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Deadline: June 1, 2020

Job Description:
In this role, the Project Manager will explore a new model for a Canadian dance platform through research and consultations. The Project Manager will consult with a number of practitioners from the sector to distill feedback from community consultation and formulate a draft model. The aim is to devise a plan around a sustainable infrastructure for showcasing and supporting Canadian dance. The CDF is inspired by examples such as the success of Dance Massive in Melbourne, Australia. In 2009, supported by government funding, three dance presenting organizations began a partnership to showcase Australian dance to their audiences. Through this partnership between presenting venues, a small staff produces a biennial festival that bolsters marketing, assists in organizing, and elevates programming. We are interested in learning how a similar model could translate into a Canadian context to fulfill an identified need within the milieu. Based on the Dance Massive concept, the Project Manager will investigate how best to introduce and sustain this model in a Canadian context.

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