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Scarborough Music Theatre Sound Designer Job Notice

Scarborough Music Theatre is looking for a sound designer for their production of The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. Honourarium of $300.00 for suitable candidate

Sound Requirements

- mic-ing facilitating the actors as best as possible without the use of body mics (shot-guns?) 9 Actors
- a few simple sound cues including 2 voice-overs
- let levels
- ability to keep the band at a dull roar (5 musicians - on a "stage" built upstage of our thrust)
- ability to have some singing and dialogue in the house
- 2 live desk miss
- 1 live standing mic. (all 3 cordless I hope)
- flexibility to add body mics if needed

Sound Equipment Details

Scarborough Village Theatre is a 248 seat thrust theatre located 3600 Kingston Rd. (at Markham Rd) in Scarborough. We have the following equipment:

- 4 powered quad cabling Mackie speakers already hanging from the lighting grid.
- New digital sound mixer, The Behringer X32
- 8 body mics (headset and pack) only 4 are working and they are in questionable shape. We usually rent any mics we're going to use.
- 5 Shotgun mics. 9" (or possibly 15”)
- A 16 channel snake. 12 inputs, 4 sends.
- A booth Tannoy speaker which picks up a piezo mic over the stage, and backstage monitor speakers, but without separate paging capability.

We have a rental agreement with Long & McQuade at 1133 Markham Rd (at Ellesmere) for any equipment that needs to be rented.

We usually rent 2 extra speakers to give better coverage to the back/side audiences and a monitor which feeds to the stage with the orchestra for the cast.

Time Commitment for Sound Designer

- Sun Jan 24 9am - Move-in to the theatre. Once in the theatre, sound designer can work at their convenience day or evening.
- Sun Jan 31 1pm-5pm - Cue to cue
- Mon Feb 01 7:30pm-10:30pm - First tech run*
- Tues Feb 02 7:30pm-10:30pm - Dress run
- Wed Feb 03 7:30pm-10:30pm - Dress run*
- Feb 20th - Following closing matinee – strike the set, load the truck, unload the truck at unit

*With full orchestra

If you are able/interested in running the sound board during the show, that's great, but not essential. - we have a volunteer in place who is available should our sound designer be unavailable to run sound during performances and dress runs.


Show Dates and Times
Feb 4
Preview show

Feb 5, 6, 11, 12, 13, 18, 19
8:00pm show

Feb 7, 14, 20
2:00pm show

If interested, please email our producer

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