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Small but Mighty Productions Presents: Villains- An 80s Cabaret*
(Working title)

Villains Boot Camp a place to reform criminals with superhuman abilities. This group of 'campers' are the most powerful, cunning and mischievous rebels that owners Prudy and Hoggard have seen yet. Can they be changed? Can good conquer bad?

We are currently looking for musical performers with pop/rock voices, a stage manager, and a choreographer.
Honorarium Pay

SBM is an equal opportunity company. We encourage people of different ethnic backgrounds and gender identities to audition.
Stage Manager:
We are looking for a stage manager with daytime availability who is comfortable taking on a new musical.

Due to the style of the show, the choreographer should have experience with 80s music and choreography that is fun and era related. We are open to the idea of submissions for both performer and choreographer, and are also looking for a dance captain.

Please email your and resume to

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