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D'Arcy Symposium is currently seeking a stage manager to assist with running lights and sound for the event on Saturday, September 29, and for the technical rehearsals scheduled for Friday, September 28.

The stage manager will be in communication with the event producers and the gallery manager during the course of the event in order to ensure smooth transitions between performances in the back yard and the pieces being shown in the third floor studio theatre.

The stage manager will be remunerated with a gift card to a local coffee shop and a cut of the profit-share for the evening, should the event turn a profit.

To submit, please submit a short email detailing your interest in the post along with a résumé: submissions for the post can be sent to, and are due September 19.


D’Arcy Symposium is a community arts event curated by Ryan Faubert and Samuel James Wilson. The event incorporates a wide range of artistic works – from bands, to visual and installation art, performance art, dance and theatre in a beautiful, 120 year old home in the heart of Baldwin Village. D’Arcy Symposium’s first show was on May 26, 2018.

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