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Tour Dates: July 31st to August 23rd, 2020

Prairie Bear Theatre is now seeking a stage manager for their 2020 Fringe Festival tour. We will be presenting the world premiere of Detritus by Garrett Mallory Scott at the 2020 Calgary Fringe Festival from July 31 - August 8 followed by the Edmonton Fringe Festival from August 13 - 23.

Detritus is a one-act play about Jacob, who lives in a literal backyard fantasy. Following his brother’s footsteps as he grows into a man, over the course of ten years Jacob heads deeper and deeper into the dark recesses of what was once a fun escape from his harsh domestic life and further from the responsibilities and dedication he needs to save himself. With a door onstage representing the divide between reality and Jacob’s false war-like adventures, the line becomes more and more blurred until Jacob finds himself in an unwinnable situation that life has shredded into detritus.

Our stage manger will have to be with us for rehearsals and performances over the course of June, July and August and will travel with us for the tour from July 31st to August 23rd. We will also have a few preliminary auditions/meetings/dates our SM will need to be present at in April. This is a paid opportunity - we will be using the profit share model (with a small cast/crew) and travel costs will be covered. CAEA members are eligible to apply and will be engaged under the Festival Policy.

Prairie Bear Theatre is committed to building a diverse landscape and specifically encourages applications from emerging artists and those who identify as Mad artists or artists with lived experience with mental illness. Interested applications should send their résumé to producer, Monique Danielle at Please let us know if you have any scheduling conflicts and if you have any touring experience. Eligible applications will be contacted for an interview in the coming weeks.

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