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Poor Life Choices Productions is seeking a hardworking, experienced stage manager to join our team on The Ties That Bind and Gag!

The Ties that Bind and Gag is a 60-minute, dark comedy, where three generations of a tight-knit family cram into a rental car to drive to a funeral. Neuroses collide, emotions run high, grievances are aired and over-shared, traffic laws are broken. You could have called.

Duties include but are not limited to:
- Organizing auditions and handling casting communication
- Scheduling rehearsals
- Managing correspondence with venue/Fringe
- Assisting in fundraiser planning
- Attending tech rehearsals (Attending rehearsals is encouraged throughout but final rehearsals are mandatory)
- Calling lighting cues and running sound
- Helping with set-up and strike for each performance
- Compiling the prompt book

Performance Dates: July 4th-15th, 2018.

Please contact Juliet at by February 25th with a resume and brief statement of interest.

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