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We are looking for a Chef or Cook with Kitchen Safety Certification interested in collaborating with Goat Howl Theatre to make a tapas style meal during the course of our show ‘Dinner with Madness.’ The play will be performed 5 times in October 2018 as part of Workman Arts Rendezvous With Madness film festival.

We are looking for someone with interest in collaborating on a menu that corresponds to the events in the show, has kitchen safety certification in Ontario, is very resourceful, can make something excellent with limited supplies, has great food presentation skills (we are making a show, so everything has to be carefully curated), and can work in less than ideal circumstances (we have a small budget and we don’t have access to the best equipment). Huge plus if you are great at soliciting food donations or have fundraising skills – this is not a requirement.

The gig is paying, but the budget is small for a 5 show run.

The job comes with kitchen help from a member of Goat Howl who has kitchen safety certification and food prep experience.

This show is the fruit of Goat Howl’s interest in curated intimacies. Three self identified ‘mad’ artists are hosting a dinner experience, where they can sit, eat with our audience, and share with them our individual experiences living with mental illness. A sharing among friends in a friendly space is what we aim to create; a place to start a frank open conversation that shifts the picture of mental illness in our consciousness towards an image that better reflects the diversity of experiences. We begin with the ordinary to launch into the extraordinary and highly theatrical. Starting with chatting at a dinner party about our experiences, we shift to using a variety of creative forms that will elevate the sharing of subjective phenomenon. Song, video projection, poetry, movement, sculpture and scripted scenes emerge from the dinner table as we each share our stories, images, curiosities, and hearts.

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