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Offer begins on: 09/07/2019 Expires: 28/07/2019

Location: 922 Queen St. East
Ticket Price: $ 15.00 CAD

Time of show (matinee):
Time of show (evening): 08:00 pm

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This is a special rate we are offering to folks in the community as well as art patrons from all walks of life! The purpose of our production is to allow a new perspective on historical events through story telling from different perspectives that would not normally have a place in the "legitimate" canon.

It is 1656. The audience is presented with a fabricated day in the Spanish Court. Queen Mariana and King Felipe IV are sitting for the court’s esteemed painter, Diego Velázquez. The hungry meninas, are presented” in waiting” for the royal couple, as they patiently await the King’s word.

There is an immense tension due to a recent rumour that could only ruin the court. Monja María, the royal couple’s closest advisor and confident, will not stand for this sort of nonsense in the presence of the King, as the sister has much more pressing issues to attend to.

Throughout the day, as the couple sits for Velázquez, several guests appear in the studio as the couple’s guard is down and what better time, for these long avoided guests, than now to grab the attention of the directionless King.

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Phone: (647) 992-3283

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