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The new, 14-page Mini-Book Edition of the "Bridge to Oneness: An Interactive Spiritual Workbook for Here and Now" (originally published in 2010) features arts-based, community-focused activities selected especially for this unusual time that we are all living in. Those who “dare” to engage in the Workbook offerings shall be uplifted and inspired to be(come) more creative and conscious of the unity and beauty of Living Gaia (Mother Earth), and Life Itself -- including the One Global Family that we all truly are!

Participants are encouraged to delve deeper into the "unknown" — into one’s own Unlimitedness, brimming with creative ideas to assist in Co-creating a Better World — A World That Works For All, in which greater Harmony, Peace, Joy and Wellbeing shall be commonplace amongst all!

The Bridge to Oneness Mini-Book also includes a timely contribution from Frances Sanderson of the First Nations community.

Front cover image by wildlife artist/educator Jack Tobin.

10% Off! Limited Time Introductory Offer! (regular price: $5.99). Available on Google Play Books (accessible via my website, also).

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