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“A writer met an actor…”

Gangway! Theatre Co. is a new independent theatre company established by Toronto-based artists Blythe Haynes (actor/producer) and KT Bryski (novelist/playwright). The creative duo first met working at Black Creek Pioneer Village, wherethey jointly proposed and established the “History Actor” museum theatre program. Longstanding collaborators, they joined forces on a series of podcasted audio dramas, culminating in the original podcast release of Six Stories, Told at Night (written by KT Bryski and performed by Blythe Haynes; funded by the Ontario Arts Council), for which it won a Parsec Award (the “Oscars of Podcasting”) in 2017.

They formed Gangway! Theatre Co. in 2017 with the vision of creating, producing, and promoting Canadian and women’s works. The stage adaption of Six Stories premiered at the 2018 Toronto Fringe, adapted by KT Bryski and showcased Blythe Haynes reprising her role as the work’s heroine, Samantha. The duo is currently at work on their next piece, which will explore themes of memory, mental health and identity set against the backdrop of 19th Toronto.

Upcoming: 2019 is the year of collaborations, including the newly announced partnership with Windsor-based company The Edge Productions, co-founded by Miriam Goldstein. Joining forces to bring the new musical Pregnancy Pact to Toronto in May, this will be the first of two co-productions between the companies this year. Gangway’s love of female-focused and Canadian work which dabbles in the fantastical, and keen interest in featuring marginalized voices, compliments The Edge’s mandate todo work that challenges, work that pushes the boundaries.Both companies share a philosophy to make theatre that is relevant to today’s world, and a belief that theatre should explore and reveal the human condition – not just to entertain and divert.

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