There are different categories of membership to TAPA, and each category means different benefits. Please see below for details on membership levels.

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Professional Member (PM)

Members in this category are actively and directly involved in Toronto’s professional theatre, dance or opera industry. They may be a professional theatre, dance, or opera company; an independent producer of theatre, dance or opera; of a presenting theatre, dance or opera company. The location of the company’s head office and the majority of the work produced or presented by the company must be in the City of Toronto.

Provincial Member (ProvM)

Based outside the City of Toronto, the member must be a professional theatre, dance or opera company. The company must be based within the province of Ontario. TYA companies who are located within the province of Ontario and are mandated to tour are eligible to register their Toronto performances for the Dora Awards.

Associate Member (AM)

Associate Members are involved in an active business relationship with Toronto’s theatre, opera or dance community. An AM may be a non-producing performance facility, an arts management company, a production company, a fundraising or promotional company, a talent or casting agent, a theatrical union or professional association, a service organization or a supplier specializing in theatrical goods and services. An AM may also be a community theatre or dance company, an educational institution’s drama or dance department, an acting or dance studio, or a professional music producer.

Non-Producing Member (NPM)

A Non-Producing Member (NPM) is defined as a professional performing arts company who wishes to remain a member of TAPA during a period of non-production. A NPM member remains in good standing with limited access to benefits of membership (for the most up-to-date list of benefits, please see below). If during the year, a NPM becomes an active producing company, the company must inform TAPA of the change in status a minimum of 3 months prior to the opening date of the upcoming production. At this point, the member will be upgraded to a Professional Member (PM) with all duties and dues of that category reinstated. Payment of remaining dues must be made within 30 days of reactivation to TAPA (dues owed is the increase from a NPM to a PM).

Community Theatre Member (CTM)

A Community Theatre Member (CTM) is a non-professional theatre company (TAPA defines professional as a company who actively engages in the CTA, Equity Agreements, or Artists Contracts in which the artists are paid). These members have access to a limited number of benefits offered through TAPA.

Individual Member (IND)

As an Individual Member you are eligible for TAPA Membership rates to the TAPA Trade Series, discounted tickets and you will also receive the monthly e-newsletter The Communiqué. Individual Members are artists and arts workers who work in Toronto's professional theatre, dance and opera community.

What Do Members Get?

Depending on the Membership category, TAPA members can expect many benefits, ranging from a variety discounts for events, publications and advertising rates, to special privileges.

Listing on the Show Listing website
Access to the TAPA Member website
Free listings on the TAPA Industry Listing
Receive the monthly Communiqué newsletter
Discounts on all TAPA publications
Access to any TAPA reading / research material
May apply to the TRIP program
Commercial Theatre Development Fund
Voting privileges at the Annual General Meeting
Eligible to hold a seat on the TAPA Board of Directors
Discounts on various media advertising rates
hipTIX youth outreach program  •
Eligible to hold a seat on the PAIS Board of Directors
Eligible for the Dora Mavor Moore Awards

Duties and Dues 2020/2021

Membership dues are based on the category you apply for.

Rates are based on total revenue reported in the audited financial statements for your most recent completed year. If you do not have audited statements, please provide the revenue reported to Canada Revenue Agency. Please provide a copy of your audited financial statements with your payment.

If you do not have audited financial statements, your membership fee is based on your current budget.

Please note: The TAPA Membership year runs from September 1 – August 31. Membership to TAPA is NOT based on the date of activation. All members must rejoin by August 31 of each year. Membership rates are not pro-rated. TAPA Membership dues are not refundable under any circumstances.

Membership Category Annual Operating Budget Dues HST Total
Professional Member [A] Up to $150,000.00 $429.86 $55.88 $485.75
Professional Member [B] $150,000.00 - $450,000.00 $695.23 $90.38 $785.61
Professional Member [C] $450,000.00 - $750,000.00 $960.57 $124.87 $1,085.44
Professional Member [D] $750,000.00 - $1,000,000.00 $1,066.71 $138.67 $1,205.38
Professional Member [E] $1,000,000.00 - $10,000,000.00 $1,650.48 $214.56 $1,865.04
Professional Member [F] Greater then $10,000,000.00 $2,075.03 $269.75 $2,344.78
Provincial n/a $406.09 $52.79 $458.89
Associate n/a $380.73 $49.49 $430.22
Non-Producing Member n/a $203.06 $26.40 $229.46
Community Theatre Member n/a $203.06 $26.40 $229.46
Individual n/a $65.99 $8.58 $74.57

A Member in Good Standing

In order to remain a Member in Good Standing of TAPA we request that you as they apply to your level of Membership:

  • Pay your dues in a timely manner
  • Register productions for the Dora Awards a minimum of 28 days in advance of your opening date.
  • List your production on the Show Listing site.

If you are unable to fulfill one of these responsibilities, please inform Theresa Gerrow, TAPA’s Membership & Sponsorship Manager.

Make the Most of Your TAPA Membership:

  • VOLUNTEER! Keep an eye out for the call for volunteers to participate in TAPA’s ongoing advocacy efforts at the Annual Arts Day at the City
  • NETWORKING! Stay informed and in-touch with fellow members by attending the TAPA AGM each November
  • PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT! Take advantage of a range of top-notch (and super affordable) professional development opportunities through the ongoing TAPA Trade Series

For specific benefit questions, please contact Theresa Gerrow, Membership & Sponsorship Manager.

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