No Porpoise Productions

No Porpoise Productions is a theatre collective that believes there is as much merit in silly theatre as there is in daring new theatre, both for the audience, the actors, and the sustainability of the art form in a world of TV and movies.

We remove the 4th wall and invite the audience to participate in the story. That liminal space where the stage encompasses the audience is where the magic of theatre is felt – an experience that the screen can’t provide. Predominantly, our productions have been original adaptation of classics written by Katie Leamen, which is not necessarily a mandate, but a trend thus far. Engaging audiences with classic stories they love helps to create a non-threatening foray into the world of theatre. Or, in the case of our latest creative quest, Worthy, the myths of King Arthur serve as a familiar anchor for navigating unfamiliar issues about kidney disease and organ donation.

The purpose of No Porpoise will always be to create quality theatre that is imaginative, inventive, and a joyful celebration of what it is to be ridiculous human beings. And while we make what we call silly theatre, we think very seriously on how we can produce philanthropically and work with community partners to use our gifts of theatre-making to support their causes.

ON STAGE NOW: The Toronto Premiere of A CHRISTMAS CAROL COMEDY, an irreverent love-note to Charles Dickens’ classic tale, starring M. John Kennedy as Scrooge and Sean Sullivan as Everybody Else.

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