If you would like to have your listing posted on our blog, here is a bit of information on how to do so:

  • Listings in the TAPA E-Bulletin are free-of-charge
  • Listings are limited to 2,500 characters
  • One image may be included in your listing. Please ensure that the image is web-ready (max 500kb)
  • Attachments are not allowed. You can use the Website URL to link to a specific file should you need to include it in the listing.
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  • To add styling apply these codes to your text and replace the bold text with your copy:
    Bold - <strong> Word </strong>
    Italics - <em> Word </em>
    Hyperlink - <a href="http://www.URL.com"> Link name </a>
  • You can set an image to be included in your post.
    Max file size: 500kb
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