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Tanisha Taitt

Artistic Director, Cahoots Theatre
Dora Eligibility Committee

Belinda Bale

Director of Marketing and Communications, National Ballet of Canada
Dora Eligibility Committee
Scott Dermody, Headshot

Scott Dermody

Dora Awards and Outreach Manager
Chair, Dora Eligibility Committee
Dora Jury Selection Committee
Leonard McHardy & John Harvey Award Committee
Silver Ticket Committee
Sue Balint, Headshot

Sue Balint

Producer, Aluna Theatre
Dora Eligibility Committee
Michael Sinclair, Headshot

Michael Sinclair

General Manager, Obsidian Theatre
TAPA Board of Directors
Advocacy Committee
Dora Jury Eligibility Committee
Annemieke Wade, Headshot

Annemieke Wade

Managing Director, Roseneath Theatre
Secretary, TAPA Board of Directors
Executive Committee
Dora Eligibility Committee
Corporate Theatre Working Group
Natalie Sandassie, Headshot

Natalie Sandassie

Senior Development Officer, Canadian Opera Company
TAPA Board of Directors
Fundraising Committee
Dora Eligibility Committee
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