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  • To assist the Ontario commercial theatre sector through associations with Ontario-based producers who seek to present small to mid sized commercial theatre productions in Ontario.
  • To assist productions that are chosen on the basis of their profit making potential so that the CTDF remains sustainable.
  • To encourage small to mid sized Ontario productions, with a particular emphasis on original Canadian work or works performed outside of Toronto

In order to be eligible for support from the CTDF through TAPA, an eligible applicant must meet all of the following mandatory requirements:

  1.  Must be Canadian
    • In the case of an individual, a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.
    • In all other cases, a “Canadian-controlled entity” within the meaning of the Investment Canada Act as defined under section 1106 (1)(c) of the regulation under the Income Tax Act.
  2. Must be situated in Ontario
    The base of operations and production control for both the eligible applicant and all persons who directly or indirectly control the applicant must be situated in Ontario at all material times.
    TAPA shall consider without limitation, such factors as the residency of the Board of Directors and the officers of the applicant and the residency of the “mind and management” of the applicant, in determining the location of the place of operations and production control.
  3. The principle business of the applicant must be the production of works for commercial theatre unless TAPA determines that an applicant, who does not satisfy this criterion, fulfills all other criteria required hereunder and has the necessary skills to mount a financially successful commercial theatre production.
  4. Must be a member in good standing of the Toronto Alliance for the Performing Arts.

In order to be considered an “eligible production” a production must satisfy all of the following criteria:

  1. Must have Private Support
    An eligible production must be intended as

    • A for profit production, or
    • A not-for-profit production that is being developed into a commercial production and
    • Have at least one private investor or commercial or corporate sponsor supporting the production and
    • Must not be seeking or relying upon any support from any government or quasi-governmental arts funding bodyIn the case of a not-for-profit production, the original not-for-profit development and production costs shall not be considered eligible expenses under the CTDF assessment formula for basic funding support.
  2. Scripting and Venue Characteristics
    An eligible production must be “scripted” in that the stage manager has a prompt book or “script” to follow and the production does not change from night to night. (dance productions with set choreography, musicals with prompt books are considered scripted: stand up comics, dance improvisation etc. are not considered eligible). Such scripted Productions must be presented in a space the primary business of which is theatrical presentations, however, where TAPA so determines, a scripted production such as a Cabaret performance with theatrical potential may be eligible despite being presented in a space serving drink in the performing area.
  3. Production Budget Ceiling
    The total budget for an eligible production shall not exceed one million dollars ($1,000,000).
  4. Only French or English speaking productions are eligible for support from the CTDF.
  5. Must not have excessive financial participation from a non-Canadian
    A non-Canadian entity or person (and/or any related associated affiliated entity) may not provide greater than forty-nine percent (49%)of the production financial/final costs (e.g. via license fees, distribution advances, goods and services, equity investment, etc.) and/or of the interim financing for the eligible production (e.g. loans) unless TAPA determines such funding would be beneficial to Canadian theatre and Canadian theatre workers. Interim financing provided by an arms length entity in the business of lending money and taking security therefore is permitted.
  6. Must provide Employment Opportunities
    Theatre actors and workers resident in Ontario must comprise approximately fifty percent (50%)or more of the production’s cast and crew. However, preference will be given where theatre actors and workers resident in Ontario comprise seventy-five percent (75%) or more of the production’s cast and crew.

CTDF Eligible Expenses

The CTDF is designed to assist producers in defraying pre-production costs and expenses only. Direct or indirect payments to producers or investors in a production are not considered eligible expenses. Eligible pre-production expenses incurred directly in connection with the production shall include, but are not limited to;

  • Marketing and promotional expenses
  • Consulting expenses including legal, technical, and business advisory fees and expenses, provided that the consultant or the adviser is not the producer or an investor in the Production.
  • Pre-production development, such as fees for script rewrites, actor training, rehearsal expenses and technical costs
  • Transfer costs and legal fees (for greater clarity, transfer costs are the costs incurred when a production moves from one venue to another. Such costs will be limited to those incurred by a new production only and will not be retroactive. Legal fees shall include fees incurred in the Producer’s contract with TAPA, the Offering Memorandum, the posting of required bonds with professional organizations, contracts with theatre artists or workers, or any legal fees directly associated with the eligible production)
  • Rental of production venue before opening night
  • Actors’ salaries before opening night
  • Fees and salaries for musicians, stage hands and other theatre workers before opening night
  • Set building expenses
  • Costume hire or creation
  • Advances to the author(s) unless the author is the producer or an investor.

Assistance from the CTDF

  • An application shall be eligible for only one investment from the CTDF per calendar year
  • The CTDF may invest in an eligible production, on the same basis as any and all other investors, up to the maximum funding limits as detailed below.

Funding limits

  • Basic funding will be up to a maximum of $75,000 not exceeding 50% of the total budget for the production
  • Where the production has been originally scripted or scored by a Canadian, may provide a bonus of ten percent (10%) of the production budget, to a maximum value of ten thousand dollars ($10,000) provided the amount doesn’t exceed maximum funding of $75,000
  • Where the production is being mounted outside of Toronto, may provide a bonus of ten percent (10%)of the productions budget, to a maximum value of ten thousand dollars ($10,000) provided the amount doesn’t exceed maximum funding of $75,000
  • Where the production is being mounted at the Winter Garden or Elgin Theatres, may provide a bonus of ten percent (10%) of the productions budget, to a maximum value of ten thousand dollars ($10,000) provided the amount doesn’t exceed maximum funding of $75,000

Successful Applicants will be required to enter a binding agreement with TAPA that will include but are not limited to the following terms:

  • Submit a complete funding proposal that describes the proposed production and demonstrates its eligibility for funding in accordance with the Applicant Eligibility Criteria and Requirements and Applicant Production Eligibility Criteria and Requirements
  • Ensure that TAPA’s investment from the CTDF in a production is given a status and treatment at least equal to the status and treatment of other comparable investors in the production
  • Provide TAPA with an enforceable right and claim including the right to require the repayment of any CTDF Funds given to the Producer in the event that the Producer has committed any breach of any term or condition of the Agreement or in the event that the production does not open
  • Disclose full financial information to TAPA in connection with the production.
  • Provide TAPA with audited financial statements detailing revenues and expenditures for the production and demonstrating that the support from the CTDF was used in accordance with the requirements therein, within three months of the date of the last performance of the production
  • Provide TAPA the right to review the books and records of the Producers and, where circumstances arise or warrant, provide TAPA with the right to impose appropriate sanctions and seek appropriate remedies against the Producer
  • Provide TAPA with the right to inquire into the Producers background, structure, affiliations and any other matter considered relevant by TAPA

For further information and a full application form, please contact:

Jacoba Knaapen, TAPA Executive Director, 416 536.6468 ext 25

CTDF Application Form

You must be a TAPA member in order to apply to the CTDF. Please log in to your members account to view the application form.

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