More than 250 spaces are now listed on SpaceFinder Toronto.


November 10, 2014         CONTACT:           Judi Pressman, SpaceFinder Toronto Marketing Coordinator,   416.418.7991
SpaceFinder Toronto is launching today!  A first-of-its-kind free online service, SpaceFinder Toronto  enables artists and event planners to find, schedule, and rent available rehearsal and performance space based on a wide range of needs, including date, time, cost, and location. It is the first service to offer a large-scale solution for both venues and renters by matching artists with unused rehearsal and performance space.

In a challenging economy, SpaceFinder Toronto provides arts organizations and venues with a powerful new tool for marketing their under-utilized space and generating additional revenue by tapping into the lucrative rental market.

The time-consuming and frustrating process of calling dozens of venues in search of available space that fits their schedules, budget, and specific needs can now be done in minutes with a few mouse clicks or swipes of the screen.  And unlike other booking services, users and renters don’t have to pay any booking or search fees to SpaceFinder Toronto.

The benefits of one-stop searching are huge:  Fringe producers are going to be in heaven and party and event planners are also going to be pretty excited.- Toronto Arts Foundation

SpaceFinder Toronto users can freely search more than 250 spaces – from a 5,700 sq. ft. studio space to a 500 sq. ft. theatre space – within all the many neighborhoods of the Greater Toronto area. Users can search by more than 150 criteria, including date, time, price, location, specific amenities like WiFi, acoustics, and sound and lighting systems, and then book and pay the venue online.

SpaceFinder Toronto’s initial registration was aimed at Toronto’s arts sector.  We are excited to continue building the number of arts spaces registered and providing training and support to assist this market.

Now that we have reached our launch goal of 250 spaces registered, we will expand our marketing to event users of creative spaces, such as Meeting and Wedding Planners, and planners of corporate, association, recreational and community events in need of space.  We will launch the marketing campaign to connect with these markets in 2015 so that we can bring even more new revenue opportunities to the arts sector.



SpaceFinder Toronto is a collaborative project of the Toronto Alliance for the Performing Arts, ArtsBuild Ontario, WorkInCulture and Fractured Atlas, responding to a need for increased self-sufficiency identified in our arts community.

Toronto Alliance for the Performing Arts (TAPA), an arts service organization, has a membership of 188 professional theatre, dance and opera companies in Toronto that reflects Toronto’s diversity. TAPA programs and services include the T.O.TIX Booth, the Dora Mavor Moore Awards, hipTIX for youth, and the TAPA Trade Series professional development workshops.

TAPA is pleased to be on the team launching SpaceFinder Toronto.  Now more than ever, we need a comprehensive service that helps to promote venues and rentals.  We are very grateful to the Metcalf Foundation for helping us make Toronto the first Canadian city to bring the Fractured Atlas program from the US.   SpaceFinder Toronto helps create new revenue potential for TAPA members that own and operate venues. We are excited to launch a marketing plan that will see us expanding our reach to recreational and community events in need of space.                                                                                        -  Jacoba Knaapen, TAPA Executive Director

ArtsBuild Ontario, a provincial arts service organization, provides tools, services and resources to help realize long-term solutions for building, managing and financing sustainable arts facilities such as theatres, galleries, concert halls, museums and other arts facilities.

ArtsBuild is thrilled that SpaceFinder Toronto has been embraced by so many so quickly, and that we have reached our goal of 250 registrations.  It affirms our belief that innovative approaches are keenly desired by our creative community and that smart collaborations are the way to go.  We have achieved much in a short time by building on the ground-breaking work of our US partner, Fractured Atlas, in creating such an affordable, sophisticated and robust venue finder platform.  Kudos to the TAPA team for reaching out to its membership and to WorkInCulture for designing great training on rental readiness.  

 - Adele Dobkowski, ArtsBuild Ontario Executive Director

WorkInCulture (WIC), a provincial non-profit, supports those working in Ontario’s cultural sector through life-long career development and business skills training. WIC connects, creates, and curates training and tools that help arts and culture professionals develop business skills to match their creative talents.

Working with the ArtsBuild and TAPA teams on the SpaceFinder Toronto project has been extremely rewarding for WorkInCulture.  The obvious outcome is the robust rental service that the platform offers the creative community and the accompanying video and workshop training that WorkInCulture designed to help facilities maximize their rental revenue. The less obvious outcome is the positive example of what is possible with effective collaboration. 

-        Diane Davy, WorkInCulture Executive Director

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