January 4, 2018

Statement from the TAPA Board of Directors regarding Harassment Allegations against Albert Schultz of Soulpepper Theatre Company


The Toronto Alliance for the Performing Arts (TAPA) represents 201 professional theatre, dance and opera companies in the city of Toronto. TAPA members strongly support a safe and respectful working environment in all theatres. It is standard professional practice in the Toronto theatre sector to create and provide inclusive human resource policies mandating a workplace free from harassment to ensure and protect the health and safety of all. TAPA has zero tolerance for any abuse of human rights.

Please refer to TAPA’s Health and Safety Commitment Policy here:

The safety of all artists is paramount in the performing arts industry, and any incident of sexual harassment is unacceptable. TAPA maintains that no harassment should ever be tolerated for fear of losing one’s position in a company or career status in the industry. Offences of this nature are systemic and rely on a power structure that forces artists into a position of amenability that may cause serious psychological, emotional and physical harm.

The Toronto theatre community is a vibrant and powerful sector. We deeply respect the courage demonstrated by these four actors for stepping forward. We also respect the rights of these brave women to their privacy, as well as the rights of all parties involved to Attorney-Client privilege. A tipping point has been reached in responding to harassment which must pave the way for positive change. TAPA considers these allegations to be very serious.

Executive Director Jacoba Knaapen (416) 536-6468 x 25

401 Richmond St. W.
Suite 350
Toronto, ON M5V 3A8

Board of Directors
Régine Cadet, President
William Milne, Treasurer
Shana Hillman, Secretary
Chris Goddard
Jim Aldridge
Beth Brown
Shawn Daudlin
Hamal Docter
Jonathan Heppner
Amy Mushinski
Brett Randall
Annemieke Wade
Kelly Straughan



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