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Dates: August 13-22, 2018

Location: Lawrence Park Community Church, Toronto, ON

The Composer-Librettist Laboratory, Canada’s flagship opera creation intensive for two decades, brings premier established and emerging artists together to experiment with the opera medium and form lasting collaborations.

For most composers and writers, the artistic process is a solitary one. Producers around the world agree that forming workable artistic partnerships between composers and playwrights is the single greatest challenge facing the development of new opera and music theatre. The Composer-Librettist Laboratory is Tapestry’s response to this challenge. Initiated in 1995, the laboratory is an intensive workshop for composers and writers to explore the collaborative process. Currently, the program attracts participants from Canada, the United States, and the U.K., as well other international participants. It is also the model for the English National Opera Studio’s All-in Opera, as well as Pacific Opera Victoria’s Composer-Librettist Workshop.

Tapestry’s Composer-Librettist Laboratory provides artists with the opportunity to work with several partners in a short period of time, thereby developing techniques for effective collaboration and also maximizing trial and error over a short period to clarify the most successful techniques and approaches.

The first stage in Tapestry Opera’s opera development pipeline process, selected LibLab creations proceed to workshop, production as Tapestry Briefs and/or development as full-length operas.

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