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Submission deadline January 28th, 2019

28 Plays Later - a writing opportunity from The Literal Challenge - a company that brings together a community of writers, wannabe writers and newbies through creative challenges. Over the last four Februarys, we’ve run four ‘28 Plays Later’ projects, a play-a-day writing challenge that has inspired the writing of 19,524 plays!

Some of those plays were never read again, others have gone onto great things, including professional readings, being performed at festivals, three-week theatre runs and adaptation into short films.

Every day, you’ll get a writing brief, then you’ll have 36 hours to write a play in response. Plays can be in any language, genre and language.

Registrations are now open through the website and will be open until the 28th of January. (So, the timeline is tight - If there was any way you could share this week, or early next, we would be incredibly grateful!)

There are two types of entry, both cost £23.45:

STANDARD ENTRY - as per the rules, the money you send will be kept in a pot and then distributed between all those who completed the challenges on time.

UNTIMED ENTRY - if you don't fancy the stress, you can just choose to pay for the challenge, and you will not be entered into the reward pot at the end. This means you can deliver the files whenever you like.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Many thanks and have a fantastic day,
Lydia (The Literal Challenge)

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