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5×25 is a national competition launching the careers of playwrights, composers, choreographers and creators who were born in the year that Nightswimming was founded: 1995.

It’s a 5-year creative initiative established in 2015, in which we seek out proposals from artists born in 1995, then commission one annually until 2020.

5×25 is open to writers, choreographers, composers, designers and activists who love performance and have an idea and a project they want to create. We’re open to anything that happens in a space with an audience. Tell us what you want to create and if selected, we will provide a $5,000 commission, develop a process with you to create the piece, bring you to Toronto to work on it, and seek out producers or festivals to get it in front of an audience.

Are you a theatre-maker who was born in '95? Application deadline is November 15th. Learn more here.

5x25 is generously supported by the Metcalf Foundation, "The Collaborations - at Canada's National Arts Centre" and many individual donors. Thank you for your ongoing contributions.

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