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House + Body invites submissions from creators and playwrights, at any stage of their career, to join House + Body for a year of exploration and play with a script currently in or close to the completion of a first draft.

This initiative is designed to provide playwrights the time and space to activate their writing, take risks, ask questions, and have the opportunity to hear their work read aloud by actors in an open environment. Selected playwrights will collaborate with House + Body in a unique way - one that is guided through playful investigation, with deadlines provided to help move their work forward, while shifting the thinking around writing away from product and allowing for the script to evolve in the way that it needs to strengthen the work of the text. This is an ideal opportunity for playwrights to experiment with a script without the constraints or pressure of gearing up to production. Over the course of the year (between Fall 2017 & Spring 2018) three playwrights will work with House + Body, meeting for three workshops where professional actors will read their materials, and additionally meeting one-on-one with the company to check-in, as needed by the playwright.

What we provide:

• With the support of Generator, we will offer space and professional actors for three work sessions seasonally between Fall 2017 & Spring 2018.
• Professional actors who have a passion for the development of new work.
• One-on-one meetings with House + Body, as requested by playwright.
• Materials needed for the work sessions.
• A public presentation of a portion of the work in Spring 2018.

House + Body is interested in hearing about any style or form of writing and encourages submissions from those who are excited by working in a collaborative way.

If interested, please send along the following in a single PDF to

• A short cover letter (1 pg. max.) describing why you would want to be a part of this initiative, where you are in terms of your writing practise (ie. Are you just shifting into writing? Are you an established writer who is looking for change in how you work?), as well as a description of the proposed work (What stage is this piece at? What are your goals with its development?).
• A sample of your writing (15 pg. max.).
• Bio or Resume.

Deadline to submit: Friday, October 6th @ 5:00pm

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