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An ultra intensive 3-day exchange & development   - rigorous and supportive for established and emerging movement artists of all genres of moving performance

Propose now, we review & send invitations ongoing> space limited for May 20-22, 2017

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"In my long career as an independent choreographer, this is a singularly rare and valuable experience...
The Choreographic  Marathon has the potential to support the creative development of many artists at different stages of their careers."    

Holly Small, 2016 CM participant, senior choreographer, professor emeritus of dance, York University


“The Choreographic Marathon stands apart from many other training opportunities, in that it values intensity and provocation as thematic underpinnings for professional choreographic development. It acknowledges a different way of learning and understanding, that is incredibly valuable to the dance milieu.” 

Michael Caldwell, 2008 CM participant, choreographer/dancer, dance curator (fall for north)

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