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Toronto Arts Council's Animating Historic Sites grants program is now live.

The guidelines, site tours and info sessions can be found online and the grant application is open. The deadline is July 17, 5pm. Erika Hennebury Grants Officer, Strategic Programs will be hosting a general information session on June 19, 2 - 3:30pm at Toronto Arts Council with guest speakers from Museum and Heritage Services and Evergreen Brick Works.

Please RSVP to attend this info session as capacity is limited.

Please RSVP to Erika directly for all other site tours.

Animating Historic Sites is a partnership with City of Toronto Museums and Heritage Services and with Evergreen Brick Works. The goals of the program are to serve as a catalyst for people to see and think about historic places differently, and to provide alternative methods of historic interpretation. This program positions historic sites as vital public spaces, where the past provides creative context for the future. I invite you to come to one of our site tours or information sessions and to contact me for further information if you might be interested in submitting an application. Please share with artists you think might be interested!

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