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Deadline to apply: May 15, 2019 at 5:00pm ET

Generator recognizes that producing is a creative practice. We reject the binary that separates “boring, efficient office worker” from “passionate, clueless creative” and embrace the exciting, fertile and collaborative space where arts management and live performance meet. We enthusiastically invite submissions from individuals and companies from a diversity of performing arts practices who want to participate in Generator’s collaborative work culture. We especially welcome applications from equity-seeking groups, including those who identify as: Indigenous, Black, People of Colour, Trans, Nonbinary, Queer, Disabled and intersections of those identities. For detailed accessibility information for our current office please visit this webpage.

About the Artist Producer Training Program
If you are an independent producer, self-producing artist, production manager, designer, or an artist who wants to learn how to make art happen more efficiently, Generator’s one-year paid Artist Producer Training program is for you. This is our flagship program and it has transformed the careers of four cohorts of Artist Producers. We are particularly interested in applicants whose practices work from a social justice/equity framework and who are currently working on self-produced projects.

Participants will learn effective producing strategies over the course of three semesters of coursework led by experienced independent artists and companies, followed by one practicum project with a mentor company.

Graduates will create and implement projects and budgets that have the goal of paying a better wage to artists, gain skills to sustain a career in the arts, and improve the overall health of the performing arts ecology.

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