Industry Listing, Submission.

Deadline:  Monday June 6th @ 12pm

If you are an independent producer, self-producing artist or an artist who wants to learn how to produce, Generator’s (formerly STAF) one-year paid Artist Producer Training program is for you.

Over three semesters of coursework led by prominent seasoned independent artists and companies, followed by one practicum project with a mentor company, participants will learn effective producing strategies.

Graduates will create and implement projects and budgets that have the goal of paying a better wage to artists, gain skills to sustain a career in the arts, and improve the overall health of the theatre ecology.


  • A working link to a MAXIMUM 3-minute YouTube video answering the following questions:
  1. What skills do you have that make you a good producer?
  2. Why do you want to take on a producing role?
  3. Do you currently self-identify as a producer or artist-producer? (There is no correct answer to this question.)
  • A short, written response telling us about your personal philosophy as a producer or artist-producer  (1 page max)
  • CV/Resume (2 page max) including contact info for 2 references
  • One letter of reference (may be same as reference listed on resume)


  • It is an intimate program with only 8 participants. Attendance is mandatory
  • Classes run for three 6-week sessions October - April on Tuesday & Thursday evenings, with some assignment work outside of class.
  • Practicum schedules vary but are outside of class time and occur sometime from March - August.
  • Interviews for select candidates will be held in the evenings of July 11 & 12, 2016.

Complete submissions should be sent in one email to with the subject line “APT Submission” by no later than Mon. June 6th @ noon.

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