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Art is Hard is seeking artists to lead collaborative, participatory events within their interactive installation BLANKET FORT, taking place at The Theatre Centre January 24-28.

A pyjama party where everyone is invited, BLANKET FORT is a 6-day interactive installation that empowers participants to create, change, and take ownership of the space around them.

During the days of January 24 to 29, build your own little corner of the fort - hang blankets, rebuild the structure or collaborate with other people to make the BLANKET FORT the best it can be. Young or old, engineer or artist: anyone can join in!

Come back to the Theatre Centre in the evenings of BLANKET FORT for a special series of events. Curated by Art is Hard, these evening shows bring the community even closer to BLANKET FORT: an event created and shaped by its participants.

Three artist-collaborators will be selected to each host one evening of that programming, and are invited to develop that work in fort over the course of the installation week alongside fort builders and families.

What kind of events?

Workshops, playtime, storytelling, music, dance, anything!

Events will take place in the Blanket Fort environment, must be accessible to anyone wishing to attend, and must involve the active participation of the audience.

How do I apply?

Send an email to with the following details

  1. your name
  2. a description of your event/activity,
  3. how your event/activity relates to the collaborative/collective environment of the blanket fort.
  4. a brief description of any logistical requirements - sound, lighting, props, setup/teardown
  5. what is your favourite sleepover party snack

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