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Unmarked Theatre is proud to present “Creme de la Femme” - a cabaret inviting new work by artists of every experience level discussing femininity and/or femme identity. Creme de la Femme aims to create a radical, unapologetic, and supportive environment to work through notions of femininity in a contemporary context.
This edition will be presented in partnership with the FOOT 2019: Equity & Diversity in Performance conference at the University of Toronto. For more information on the conference, please check out:

This edition will be titled : Gettin' Paid


Creme de la Femme is open to all performing artists of all experience levels, and all gender identifications, we simply ask that artists be femme-identifying or submit pieces that deal specifically with femininity. We are especially interested in intersectional work. It is intended as a space where we can work through the damages of patriarchy and find solace in each other, together. Creme de La Femme will be a space for new work and experimentation. We strongly discourage the submission of previously established work. This is a chance to try something, to wrestle with hard questions, to find community, and to test new modes of healing. In order to assist the development of new work, each edition will feature performances in response to a given prompt.


Please submit a proposal for a performative creation (up to 10 minutes in length) which addresses the subject of femininity through the lens of the phrase “Gettin’ Paid”. We love to see submissions that have creative interpretations of the prompt. Are you tired of explaining wage gaps to your relatives? Saving up for a big life change? Sick of working for free? Or perhaps you’re out there rolling in it and want to share your tips with the rest of us? Whatever your relation is to the theme, we want to hear your take!

Submissions can be made through our online form by 11:59 pm on Wednesday, January 23rd. You can interpret this phrase any way that you see fit, using any discipline (or disciplines). Selected pieces will be notified by Friday, January 25th for a performance on Saturday, February 16th at the Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance studies of U of T. Selected pieces will be paid $75.

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