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Deadline for director submissions is 10:00 pm, February 1, 2019

East Side Players is currently seeking 3 directors for our 2019-2020 Season

Production Dates:
Play 1, The Wild Guys: October 25 to November 9, 2019
Play 2, Disgraced: February 21 to March 7, 2020
Play 3, Shakespeare in Love: May 22 to June 6, 2020

Director presentations will be held:
February 4 and February 6, 2019 from 7:00 to 10:00 PM
at East Side Players,
Unit 10, 746 Warden Avenue,
Toronto, M1L 4A2 Click HERE for map

To apply for a presentation time:
Please contact Sammy Feilchenfeld, East Side Players Member-at-Large and Webmaster (
Scripts are available if requested
Deadline for director submissions is 10:00 pm, February 1, 2019

Plays are as follows:

1. The Wild Guys by Andrew Wreggitt and Rebecca Shaw
The Wild Guys is a Canadian comedy about four very different middle-aged men who end up on weekend getaway together in the bush. Their reasons for being there may differ, but as the weekend progresses, walls get broken down and communication begins to flow, we discover that their needs aren’t so different after all.
Cast: 4 men
Production dates: October 25 to November 9, 2019

2. Disgraced by Ayad Akhtar
Disgraced is a Pulitzer-prize winning play about Amir Kapoor whose life is unraveled over the course of a dinner party with close friends. The conversation navigates through faith, race and politics as everyone’s beliefs are challenged and truths are revealed. This incredibly thought-provoking play will have the audience talking long after the curtain comes down.
Cast: 3 men, 2 women
Production dates: February 21 to March 7, 2020

3. Shakespeare in Love by Tom Stoppard, Lee Hall, Marc Norman
Shakespeare in Love is a period comedy about a young William Shakespeare. Young Will has writer’s block and is desperately searching for a muse when he stumbles across Viola. In true Shakespearean fashion, this delightful and witty play explores Will’s journey with mistaken identity, scheming, ridiculous antics and the usual blossoming love that ties it all up and leaves its audience smiling all the way home.
Cast: 18 men, 6 women (doubling possible)
Production dates: May 22 to June 6, 2020

East Side Players is a non-union community theatre group, engaging our audiences for over 50 years.

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