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About the Project:

Call for 5-7 artists to develop a documentary theatre piece to be publicly presented in May, 2016. This research-based performance will explore the political and social dynamics relating to environmental justice and in particular degrowth, an environmental and social movement that challenges the collective imaginary of exponential growth. Degrowth does not means “less of” or “recession”, but rather it is an exploration of an alternative form of happiness found through community, collective experiences and respect for environmental rights.

Our weekly workshops will use ideas from Lecoq technique, Theatre of the Oppressed, Alan Kaprow and other physical/immersive theatrical forms, to explore the above issues and the need for new democratic practices within our political and artistic spheres. We will ask questions such as: what role does, or can, the artist play in mobilizing social movements? How do the traditions within artistic and political practise create or destroy autonomy? How does the physical expression of ideas communicate differently from other methods? Is degrowth a realistic alternative for Torontonians?

What You Can Expect as a Collaborator
• The opportunity to practice physical theatre techniques (clown, bouffon, mask)

• This will be an artists’ gym for artists: each week we will be creating as a collective, taking turns leading workshops and exploring physical theatre techniques

• Building international relations with the Research and Degrowth community, furthering conversations regarding environmental justice within urban settings.

• A collectively created piece to be performed in May, 2016.

• An honorarium for your participation within the process.

Our Expectations from Members
• Commitment to a 4 hour weekly meeting (Oct-May) in downtown Toronto that will be held on the same day and time each week.

• Openness to exploring and developing creation techniques and learning more about degrowth and environmentalism in Toronto.

Please send resume and a 1 pg letter of interest to Please state if you have experience in physical theatre and/or collective creation. We will contact you for an audition.

Submission Deadline: Sept 10, 2015

Looking forward to meeting you!
Degrowth Collective
Alexandra Simpson

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