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Deadline: April 27, 2020

Fireworks Festival 2020
Three daring new plays by young women playwrights

FOR LOVE OR MONEY by Kate Jaimet November 11-15
It’s all about the leaky roof. A down-at-heels tennis club faces ruin as a Baby-Boomer donor, enraged by her husband’s roving eye, threatens to take her money and go. The young intern (unpaid) and her boyfriend (the unwitting cause of this rift) devise a wild scheme to rescue the club, the donor’s marriage, and the intern’s job prospects. Hilarity ensues. Generations collide. Genders are bent, explored, and disguised in this outrageous 21st-century farce.
3 women 4 men

THE RULES OF THE GAME by Christi Dos Santos-Wing November 18-22
It’s 2014 and Oil is King! Riding the crest of the wave, an upstart public relations firm takes on two new hires. Colby, in flight from the failure of her academic hopes, and Dani, street-smart and no stranger to the corporate world, forge an unlikely alliance as they navigate a volatile workplace. Then, overnight, the oil industry implodes. Their world is upended, their livelihoods put at risk, their friendship sorely tested. And questions around a disturbing and ambiguous encounter can no longer be ignored.
6 women

HARBOUR by Liz Appel November 25-29
Who is she? That girl in the field, alone, silent, wounded. Is she a refugee? A terrorist? A messenger? To be rescued or destroyed? The answer will shape the lives of an ordinary family confronting a post-apocalyptic world in which nothing is familiar or predictable, every action potentially dangerous. In this unchartered landscape boundaries break down—between people, culture and language.
3 women 1 man

If you wish to apply, choose which play(s) you are interested in pitching for. Send your resume and a short (2-3 sentences) statement about which play(s) and why. If you are chosen for an interview, you will be given access to the scripts and asked to prepare a detailed outline of your vision. Note: FIREWORKS is a development festival with dramaturgy continuing through production and the writer part of the process.

Alumnae is a non-professional theatre, committed to the highest standards of performance and production and diversity among artists. Casting/rehearsals begin September.

To apply: send your resume and statement by April 27 to:

Please note in the subject heading: 2020 Call for Directors

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