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Looking for Emerging Artists who are interested in dramaturgy, performance and post-dramatic theatre to be part of a dramaturgical team to investigate Heiner Müller’s Hamletmachine.

This foundational dramaturgy will be Phase 1 of a devised process that will culminate in a full-length, inter-disciplinary production of the work in October 2017.

Led by Michael Reinhart and Jenna Harris, members of the Dramaturgical Think Tank will meet bi-weekly on Thursday nights from 6pm-9pm starting mid-December and going until the end of February. During this period the Think Tank will gather to explore the piece: its themes, its symbolism and its relevance to our contemporary age. The group will work together to deconstruct the text while exploring external imagery, concept and theory, with a finally goal of creating a point of departure from which the creative team can imagine a Hamletmachine, not the Hamletmachine, but a new, particular and unique theatrical object that engages with our current peculiar age.

To apply please submit the following to by Monday, Nov. 28th @ 5pm:
• a theatre resume or bio
• a one-page cover letter that includes…
• a little bit about yourself
• what you are excited about right now theatrically
• what you connect with in Hamletmachine
• what you would choose as your first step in starting to approach a conception of this piece

Here is a link to the complete script (correct, it is only 8 pages long!):
If you have any questions at all, do not hesitate to email and ask.

About Hamletmachine

According to Wikipedia Hamletmachine is a postmodernist drama by German playwright and theatre director Heiner Müller. Written in 1979, the play is loosely based on Hamlet by William Shakespeare....those are more or less the facts.
But what the play is "about", much less "how to do it" is nebulous and open to significant interpretation. The play covers a wide range of themes; gender, communism, identity, artifice, revolution, death and ritual (to name a few). And yet what the play is, how it manifests on stage, or what it communicates, are largely idiosyncratic, specific to the imaginations of the creative team that produces it, one need only Google to see the wide formal variety of Hamletmachine's many performances.

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